Ableton Workshop - Circle of live

Circle of Live: In Conversation

Sebastian Mullaert, Mathew Jonson,
Johanna Knutsson
Moderator: Joseph Joyce

Circle of Live is a brand new, live acts only, event series concept, honouring the value of improvisation and spontaneity. The project brings together a collective of extraordinary electronic artists and gives them an opportunity to take part in free-flowing collaborative jam sessions in venues around the world.

Ableton invites project curator Sebastian Mullaert alongside core artists, Mathew Jonson & Johanna Knutsson to discuss their intentions behind the project,
their personal approaches to production and creativity and themes such as meditation, mind-set and the impact of nature on the creative process.

Johanna Knutsson auf Bandcamp
Sebastian Mullaert auf Bandcamp
Mathew Jonson auf Resident Advisor